Thursday, 3 July 2014

Ecogreen Cocoa County Homestay - Shoestring Offer

Jun to mid Nov  are the Monsoon months in Kerala. Ecogreen Cocoa county Homestay offers Monsoon shoestring. raining in Monsoon season never destroys tourism in kerala, rather boosts it.There is no continous raining in the day tiime. There are a lot of intervels of sunny day light.Moreover you will get lowest price in kerala, So the tourist can enjoy both rainning and sightseeing in monsoon season in low cost.occationally . there are pressure variations in the sea, and continous rainin for 2 or 3 days. But it is rare.Kerala homestays are the best hosts to enjoy monsoon tourism in kerala

What makes monsoon stay attractive in Kerala? 

You have many answers which all leads to one reality- the greenish kerala looks most attractive in Monsoon.The Raining cleans the soil, the atmosphere, you feel freshness everywhere, new buds in trees and plants.Everything is in rejuvanation. whatelse you want? Take advantage of staying in a homestay in Monsoon, there are lot of monsoon preperations, lifestyle changes to accomodate raining, monsoon food, monsoon festivel etc. In Ecogreen Cocoa county Homestay, we prepare special cocoa monsoon drink. The tourists can watch raining in our balcony. monsoon Breakfast, so impressive. kerala homestay has a lot to offer.

What Ecogreen Cocoa county offers to tourists in Monsoon season?

We offers monsoon shoestring in our tariff, we have anounced monsoon special packagres agreable to budget guests, discounted Ayurvedarejuvanation packges.There are a number of monsoon destinations in and around Ecogreen Homestay. Kerala's no1 monsoon destination Athirapally water falls is just 28 kms away To kow more about contact us

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