Thursday, 3 July 2014

 Kerala Homestay Packages - the Bestway to experience Kerala

Kerala Homestay Packages are economical and provide value for money, yes it is affordable Holiday packages. Kerala has a number of Homestays. Kerala Homestay package tours provides an opportunity  of staying  with a local family in each tourist destinations of Kerala..It gives an opprtunity to guest to know the culture , life style and food habits. Guest will get unique experience to understand and interact with the culture and people of that area. It helps the guest to involve in the celebrations,cultural activities , sporting events, etc. Tripenticer Ecogreen Holidays is the pioneer homestay package tour operators in Kerala and South india

Kerala Homestay offers a variety of Homestay Holiday packages. Selecting the best homestays in each destination according to the taste of guests, providing transportation facilities, tour guides wherever required, and more over privacy , safety and freedom of choice. Homestay in Kerala is non other than a home away home for a tourist.Know more 

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